Sweet Dreams


There is a man in one of my tiny house groups who is my age and currently entertains his fiancee in his loft with a twin mattress.  He’s trying to decide if he needs to switch to a queen when they marry, acknowledging that sexual acrobatics are not an issue.

I responded that a twin size mattress would have been fine for me, but I prefer to remain hopeful.  However, I have a sneaking suspicion I went with a double – and might have liked the queen, had there been floorspace – because I have a motorized storage space under the bed, and storage  in a tiny house is prime real estate.

It took six months to figure out what belonged there,and the first item was….me!


While I had feng shui concerns about sleeping above documents and cast iron pans, it turned out to be great for costumes and swimwear.  I still have wonderful dreams, plenty of room to roll around, a seven-foot ceiling and room to grow.

But I still hope they send an update after the honeymoon.

Author: lessmuch

shoving a hoard into a tiny house

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