I Blow Bubbles In Traffic


You have to be creative in a tiny house.  You do not have to be weird.  But for some reason, I seem to be both.

So yes, I blow bubbles when I’m stuck in traffic.  Now that I have finally realized we’re all in it together, I roll down my window and pull the bubbles out of the cubby in the door.  I avoid nearby bikers and sportscars with clean paint jobs.  I know there are a couple of safety issues.  I especially like to blow bubbles when little kids are in the next car, and I like to see when they realize it’s me.

I haven’t tried this in the freezing cold weather, but I hear they turn into little fairy crystal balls.  I think I should practice this on the privacy deck.  Maybe I could make an igloo of frozen bubbles….

I buy everything in miniature for my tiny house.  Who needs a big cake lifter when you just want to flip an egg?  Not even a dragon’s egg, just an egg egg.

I have no mirror in my tiny bathroom, and no paper holder.  That leaves plenty of room for the guest book.

I have no night stand.  Just a tower of hat boxes, and I have no hats.  I have no dresser to stuff with underwear I will never put on.

My plants rarely survive so all of them have the word “moon” in them except the itty bitty. Nordic Spruce Christmas trees and a purple mini cactus.

My cat doesn’t even live with me.  It’s not my cat but it visits a lot.  It isn’t full grown or it’s a tiny cat, and I don’t know if it can come onto the moon deck because its private parts are still a mystery.  Only females can go on the moon deck.

Anyway, you have to be creative when you live in a tiny house – because life gets so much bigger.

Author: lessmuch

shoving a hoard into a tiny house

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