Do You Love It Enough To Replace It?


Few of the items I’ve dropped on the floor have been worth the trouble caused by an attempt to repair them with super-glue.  This jar was an exception.  It has more value as a badly repaired container than the flour canister it once was.

I bought the whole set, but I didn’t have the flour-sugar-coffee-tea counter space, so it was easy to re-gift them to the thrift shop.  I only wanted the peach jar because that was a brief nickname I used before it was an emoji.  Inside are a T-shirt, a pewter Viking ship, a river rock, a clementine sticker, and a history.  The entire jar represents a piece of my life that opened up to me at a perfect time.

And because it tells me a whole story from Once upon a time to happily ever after, it stands as a monument to bravery, love, enchantment, joy and imperfection.

Of course, it got stuck to my jeans, which are gone now.  Super glue repairs tend to separate the ‘keeps’ from the ‘tosses’.


Author: lessmuch

shoving a hoard into a tiny house

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