Leaving Amish

Rumspringa is an Amish tradition in which the community rules are relaxed and Amish teenagers are allowed to experience worldly activities. It is believed that by doing so the youths will be able to “find themselves.” (from http://www.welcome-to-lancaster-county.com)

Rumspringa is also the model that Liberation Tiny Homes calls, “Our most affordable home, with simple choices and a design that works for everyone.”  It is not their fault that I whacked my left butt cheek going down their stairs.   I had no business sleeping in the loft when there was a queen-sized sleeper sofa right underneath it.  I am a little old lady who sheds dental floss throughout every tiny house I have ever visit.  Rumspringa was tiny house number nine; not to be confused with Love Potion Number Nine, which belongs in the other blog (www.fairy-fizz.com).  

After practicing the tiny lifestyle for most of the year, I came within a week of selecting a custom build from Liberation, when the Fairies From Figment arranged for a new alternative. My builder will be a lifelong friend, a Younger Man and teacher who has visited my dreams off and on since high school. No worries – his wife knows.

I left Lancaster County with a signed contract for a spot at Tiny Estates. I returned with a new perspective regarding my Stuff in the house. If I ever get to the bottom of the piles to reveal my treasures, I will likely discover that they have been taken over by the mice and termites. An ex-husband makes a very poor landlord.  

This doesn’t mean the hoarder gene has been removed from my DNA.  I was born with it and will be buried with it.  What’s different in the last couple of years is the attachment to personal possessions that I will never use.  I will never be a minimalist, but a hoarder lives in very little space when you consider how much of a room is filled with possessions.  The “living” actually occurs in the center of a pile.  Mentally, these possessions are the adult children that won’t leave the nest on their own, forcing the mother to kick her own children to the curb….






Author: lessmuch

shoving a hoard into a tiny house

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