Location Location Location

Home is where you hang your heart. And your keys. And your backpack. And your wet mittens. And your dreams.

The first step in designing your home, tiny or otherwise, is to decide where to put it. There has been only one objection to my chosen location, coming from the third wife of an old heartthrob from college, and whose opinion doesn’t carry nearly the weight of a building inspector or a zoning board member.

I really lucked out with this initial part of my journey. It is still more difficult to find a legal plot of land than a fabric swatch for the curtains. It might not be my last stop before the urn, but it suits me right now in a way that few properties anywhere else could. I even thought Destiny had me in mind when she designed the location and the business model. It is truly ideal.

It’s a former RV campground. It is now a resort community of tiny house rentals. I go for a week a month. For perhaps a year. I love what I’m learning about myself, including the arthritis which taught me that a loft bedroom has its drawbacks. I love what I’m learning about the kinds of people who want to take back their leisure time by getting away from their suburban castles. I love what I’m learning about the capacity for human creativity…..unless it’s coming from a disgruntled third wife, of course.

Author: lessmuch

shoving a hoard into a tiny house

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