Dog House

liberationThis is what I was thinking when I saw the dog at the Tiny House Meetup (thank you, Liberation Tiny Homes): for a pet, these Tiny Houses are huge…..Perspective.  That’s what it takes to evaluate space.  I live in a three bedroom 2 1/2 bath house with an attic and walkout basement.  It’s in sub-suburbia, where there are still no sidewalks and you can’t see your neighbors until the leaves have all fallen off the trees.  But indoors, as a hoarder, you sit in one spot and Live in only a tiny portion of the space you paid so dearly for…and why?

Because you were going to give great dinner parties and all the kids would hang out in your basement playing board games.  And you were going to have a huge wall of books and treasures and art that people would gaze at so lovingly that they’d forget why they were visiting.  And there would be sports equipment and a sewing room, and each child would have his own bedroom.  And there would be space to homeschool if you had to, and you’d have a separate closet for clothes that were going to fit again someday.  And the dining table was the one you sat at as a kid, and it was really quite beautiful.

But the kids are all gone, the spouse is a shut-in, and none of those things is ever going to happen.  You don’t need the table for dinner parties.  It’s used for sorting, when you can get to it.  You haven’t sewn for so long that you don’t know where the pedal to the sewing machine is.  The kids didn’t play sports.  The books were never read.  The extra bedroom was never built.  But somehow there’s nowhere to Live, and the Stuff is sucking the very breath out of you, and you know that an eight by twenty foot home on wheels is huge when you think about it.

Author: lessmuch

shoving a hoard into a tiny house

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